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2024 #

Namdar, R. and Varnik, F

Towards a phase-field based model for combustion in particle beds: Reactive fluid flow

arXiv (2024)

Namdar, R., Khodsiani, M., Safari, H., Neeraj, T., Hosseini, S.A., Beyrau, F., Fond, B., Thévenin, D. and Varnik, F

Numerical study of convective heat transfer in static arrangements of particles with arbitrary shapes: A monolithic hybrid lattice Boltzmann-finite difference-phase field solve

Particuology, 85, pp.186-197 (2024)

Khodsiani M, Namdar R, Varnik F, Beyrau F, Fond B

Spatially resolved investigation of flame particle interaction in a two dimensional model packed bed

Particuology. 2024 Feb 1;85:167-85 (2024)
2023 #

T. Neeraj, C. Velten, G. Janiga, K. Zähringer, R. Namdar, F. Varnik, D. Thévenin, and S. A. Hosseini

Modeling gas flows in packed beds with the lattice Boltzmann method: validation against experiments

Flow Turbulence Combust 111, 463–491 (2023)

A. Mjalled, R. Namdar, L. Reineking, M. Norouzi, F. Varnik, and M. Mönnigmann

Parametric 3D convolutional autoencoder for the prediction of flow fields in a bed configuration of hot particles

Particuology. in press (2023)

Y. Jiang, M. A. Ali, I. Roslyakova, D. Bürger, G. Eggeler, I. Steinbach

3D phase-field simulations to machine-learn 3D information from 2D micrographs

Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 31 (2023)

M. A. Ali, O. Shchyglo, M. A. Stricker, I. Steinbach, S. S. Ahmed.

Coherency loss marking the onset of degradation in high temperature creep of superalloys: Phase-field simulation coupled to strain gradient crystal plasticity

Computational Materials Science, 220, 112069, (2023)
2022 #

J.-H. Kang, J. Park, K. Song, C.-S. Oh, O. Shchyglo, I. Steinbach.

Microstructure analyses and phase-field simulation of partially divorced eutectic solidification in hypoeutectic Mg-Al alloys

Journal of Magnesium and Alloys, 10, 1672-1679, (2022)

U. Nwachukwu, A. Obaied, O. Horst, M. A. Ali, I. Steinbach, I. Roslyakova

Microstructure property classification of nickel-based superalloys using deep learning

Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 1, 1-18, (2021)
2021 #

H. J. Schaar, I. Steinbach, M. Tegeler

Numerical study of epitaxial growth after partial remelting during selective electron beam melting in the context of Ni–Al

Metals, 11, 2012, (2021)

J. Kundin, H. Farhandi, K. P. Ganesan, R.S.M. Almeida, K. Tishtev, K. Rezwan

Phase-field modeling of grain growth in presence of grain boundary diffusion and segregation in ceramic matrix mini-composites

Computational Materials Science 190 110295 (2021)
2020 #

J. Kundin, R. S. M. Almeida, H. Salama, H. Farhandi, K. Tushtev, K. Rezwan

Phase-field simulation of abnormal anisotropic grain growth in polycrystalline ceramic fibers

Computational Materials Science 185 109926

S. Vakili, I. Steinbach, F. Varnik

Multi‑phase‑field simulation of microstructure evolution in metallic foams

Scientific Reports 10 19987 (2020)

M. A. Ali, I. Lopez-Galilea, W. Amin, S. Gao, O. Shchyglo, A. Hartmaier, W. Theisen, I. Steinbach

Effect of γ′ precipitate size on hardness and creep properties of Ni-base single crystal superalloys: experiment and simulation

Materialia, 12, 100692, (2020)

E. van der Giessen, P. A. Schultz, N. Bertin, V. V. Butalov, W. Cai, G. Csanyi, S. M. Foiles, M. G. D. Geers, C. Gonzales, M. Hütter, W. K. Kim, D. Kochmann, J. Llorca, A. E. Mattson, J. Rottler, A. Shluger, R. B. Sills, I. Steinbach, A. Strachan, E. B. Tadmor.

Roadmap on multiscale materials modeling

Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 28, 043001, (2020)

M. A. Ali, W. Amin, O. Shchyglo, I. Steinbach

45-degree rafting in Ni-based superalloys: a combined phase-field and strain gradient crystal plasticity study

International Journal of Plasticity, 128, 102659, (2020)

H. Salama, J. Kundin, O. Shchyglo, V. Mohles, K. Marquardt, I. Steinbach

Role of inclination dependence of grain boundary energy on the microstructure evolution during grain growth

Acta Materialia, 188, 641-651, (2020)

S. Gao, M. A. Ali, A. Hartmaier

Influence of rafted microstructures on creep in Ni-base single crystal superalloys: a 3D discrete dislocation dynamics study

Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 28, 025001, (2020)

M. A. Ali, J. V. Görler, I. Steinbach

Role of coherency loss on rafting behavior of Ni-based superalloys

Computational Materials Science, 171, 109279, (2020)
2019 #

W. Amin, M. A. Ali, N. Vajragupta, A. Hartmaier

Studying grain boundary strengthening by dislocation-based strain gradient crystal plasticity coupled with a multi-phase-field model

Acta Materialia, 175, 415-425, (2019)

O. Shchyglo, G. Du, J. K. Engels, I. Steinbach

Phase-field simulation of martensite microstructure in low-carbon steel

Computational Materials Science 185 109926

C. Wang, M. A. Ali, S. Gao, J. V. Görler, I. Steinbach

Combined phase-field crystal plasticity simulation of P- and N-type rafting in Co-based superalloys

Acta Materialia, 175, 21-34, (2019)
2020 #

Waseem Amin

Micromechanical modeling of metals using strain gradient crystal plasticity coupled phase-field model


Katrin Abrahams

From atomic mobilities to multi-component interdiffusion simulations in solids: model development and automated data assessment


Helge Schaar

Simulation of solidification on the macro- and microscale in context of Ni-based superalloys


Matthias Stratmann

Integrated phase-field model with redistribution and long-range diffusion on sublattices

2019 #

Raphael Schiedung

Capillary driven effects in fluids and solids

2018 #

Johannes Görler

Phase-field simulation of microstructre evolution coupled to plastic deformation


Mohan Rajendran

γ - γ' microstructure evolution in single crystal (sx) Ni-base superalloys

2017 #

Jan Hiebeler

Recovery and recrystallization during hot deformation in austenitic steel


Christian Schwarze

Simulation and Investigation of Precipitation in Aluminium Alloys
2016 #

Guanxing Du

Phase-field simulation of lath martensite in low-carbon steel


Alexander Monas

Phase-field simulation of morphology evolution during eutectic solidification


Venkata Sai Pavan Kumar Bhogireddy

Liquid metal induced grain boundary embrittlement: A multi-scale study


Philipp Engels

A multi-phase field simulation approach incorporating finite, elsto-plastic deformations

2015 #

Efim Borukhovich

Consistent coupling of geometrically non-linear finite deformation with alloy chemistry and diffusion within the phase-field framework


Adam Gießmann

The influence of stress enhanced diffusion on the growth of pearlite in eutectoid plain carbon steel.

2013 #

Reza Darvishi Kamachali

Grain boundary motion in polycrystalline materials