About Us

OpenPhase is a modular open-source software project aiming to enable interested scientists to quickly develop phase-field simulation workflow to address a variety of physical phenomena seamlessly considering solid-liquid-gas interactions in various phase transformations. Some prominent examples include solidification of real full specification alloys, anisotropic grain growth in metallic alloys and minerals, precipitation in several industrial grade alloys, martensite and bainite formation in different steel grades, heat conduction problems in additive manufacturing, emulsification, droplet dynamics, and wetting phenomena. Recently, the code has been extended towards a new class of problems in the field of reactive gas flows in granular assemblies/particle beds.


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Creative minds
  • Adam Giessmann
  • Alexander Monas
  • Amol Subhedar
  • Dmitry Medvedev
  • Efim Borukhovich
  • Johannes Görler
  • Katrin Abrahams
  • Martin Boeff
  • Marvin Tegeler
  • Matthias Stratmann
  • Mohan Kumar Rajendran
  • Helge Schaar
  • Philipp Engels
  • Reza Darvishi Kamachali
  • Robert Spatschek
  • Samad Vakili
  • Svyatoslav Gladkov
  • Waseem Amin